Barthelme lights up the Milan Design Week 2017

From a physics perspective, the light spectrum of white contains nearly all colours. One can say that white is the most perfect of colours. Perhaps because of that white has such a positive effect on our wellbeing. It conveys peace and quiet, a feeling of relaxation and comfort. This emotion is also generated by Marco Marini’s lighting concept at the event "white in the city" that taking place parallel to Milan Design Week 2017 (4. - 9. April) in the converted Church, San Carpoforo.

For the implementation of his idea, the architect Marco Marini selected the Barthelme LEDlight flex 15 8p High Performance LED strips. These were installed in a BARdolino high aluminium profile with a clear cover and illuminate the gallery with a full 1,800 lumen. In addition, the fully encapsulated and flexible LED light lines AQUALUC C:URVE and AQUALUC W:AVE, which provide an even light distribution over the entire light emitting surface,  were installed. The LED light lines from Barthelme are especially suitable for replicating delicate forms and shapes, which highlight the existing architecture.

The selected colour temperature of 5,000 Kelvin of the lighting concept is similar to the natural colour of daylight. The white light of the products are compatible and harmonize ideally with each other. This harmony and feeling of wellbeing is transported to the visitors as soon as they enter the converted church in the historical center of Mailand, and invites one to linger.

With modern LED chips it is today possible to simulate a near natural light. LED strips from Barthelme LED Solutions are, for example, available in a range of white tones from 2,000 – 5,700 Kelvin and enable the creation of customized lighting concepts with exceptional light quality. Together with a dynamic controller there are near limitless possibilities for light planning. The lighting can not only be set to simulate a certain time of day but it is also possible that the light adjusts to the actual daylight temperature in real time.    

White in the city-Location San Carpoforo

Pic: Individual luminaires and LED light lines enable the pefect orchestration at the location San Carpoforo downtown Milan.