• high-quality profile made of aluminium, raw
  • high flexibility: The GARliano flex can be deformed to a minimum bending radius of 250 mm
  • can be used as surface-mounted profile on curved surfaces
  • very flat installation height, therefore particularly suitable for small spaces

N° art.*DimensionsFiche
62399421 1000×18×6,7mm (l×w×h)
62399422 2010×18×6,7mm (l×w×h)
62399423 3020×18×6,7mm (l×w×h)
62399425 5030×18×6,7mm (l×w×h)
N° art.DescriptionDimensionsFiche
62398201  1000×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398202  2010×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398203  3020×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398205  5030×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398211  1000×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398212  2010×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398213  3020×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398215  5030×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398221  1000×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398222  2010×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398223  3020×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
62398225  5030×15,6×3,8mm (l×w×h)
Tenir compte de la dilatation en longueur en cas de changement de température.
N° art.Description
62399419 GARliano flex Retaining clip set, 2 pieces, 2 plastic screws