With products from Barthelme you are choosing sustainable LED solutions of the highest quality. Our light is a symbiosis of high-quality materials, tested electronics, much passion and even more experience. Each of our products goes through our quality assurance process. Our materials are extensively tested by our suppliers as well as by Barthelme. Before a finished product is delivered, it passes through our final goods inspection.

We offer a 5-year system guarantee on BARTHELME LED SOLUTIONS standard products, which were purchased from Josef Barthelme GmbH & Co. KG, subject to the conditions listed below.

Scope and requirements

The guarantee contract is concluded between Josef Barthelme GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "Barthelme") and the contractual partner of the purchase contract.

It becomes effective upon delivery of the product to the contractual partner and ends 5 years after delivery (the date of receipt is always the date of the delivery note).

The system guarantee applies exclusively to standard products, i.e. on luminaires manufactured by BARTHELME LED SOLUTIONS (as presented in the current catalogue) in conjunction with suitable accessories from the Barthelme product portfolio. A system consists of at least one LED luminaire in combination with a Barthelme control or of compatible components such as at least one LED module (strip, board...) in combination with the recommended aluminium or stainless steel profile as well as a Barthelme control.

The guarantee applies to indoor and protected outdoor use only on condition that the products are used in accordance with the specified product and application specifications (as per data sheet and product standards) and installed and put into operation by a qualified electrician (as per application and installation instructions in the enclosed or downloadable operating and assembly instructions). The product must not be exposed to any mechanical loads other than those intended. The permissible limit values of the ambient temperatures and voltages according to the product and application specifications (data sheet) must not be exceeded or undershot. Furthermore, the product must not come into contact with substances (e.g. sulphur, acids, greases) whose properties are generally known to impair the functionality of the LED luminaires.

A guarantee commitment in the event of deviations from the product and application specifications, use in unprotected outdoor areas and extreme environmental conditions (marine or desert conditions, brine and chlorine atmosphere, etc.), requires prior written agreement with the manufacturer.

The guarantee is valid for a maximum operating time of 5,000 hours/year, which is the generally accepted guideline for normal professional use.

The manufacturer's guarantee only covers product failures caused by proven material, design or production defects and failure rates exceeding the nominal failure rate. For products with a service life > 50,000 hours the nominal failure rate is 0.2 % per 1000 operating hours, for products > 30,000 hours a nominal failure rate of 0.3% per 1000 operating hours, unless otherwise defined in the product and application specifications (data sheet).

Maintenance and repair work on the products may only be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.


This guarantee contract does not cover any of the following points:

  • For LED products, a reduction in luminous flux of up to 0.6% per 1000 operating hours is current state of the art technology and therefore not covered by the guarantee. This also applies to changes in parameters, electrical properties, colour emitting of the LEDs and changes in colouring caused by use of the product over time.
  • Damage or defects caused by the use, operation or handling of the product, which do not correspond to the specified use or contradict the applicable technical or safety regulations or standards of the country in which the product is used.
  • Damage or alterations to the product as a result of improper use, including the installation or use of the product for any purpose other than its intended use or failure to observe Barthelme instructions, data sheets, operating instructions or technical data issued by Barthelme or applicable product standards.
  • The serial number has been removed or made unrecognisable.
  • Intentional or grossly negligent damage.
  • Deviations of the product from illustrations or information, e.g. in our catalogues or other sales documents.
  • Electronic components, products and luminaires that Barthelme sells as merchandise under third-party names, as well as luminaires from other manufacturers.
  • Wear parts, for e.g. batteries, seals, plastic parts.
  • Changes or repairs to the goods that are made without our prior written consent.

Processing and reimbursement of costs

Defects in products covered by this manufacturer's guarantee and which have occurred within the period and which have been reported in a timely and correct manner will be dealt with within an economically reasonable period by Barthelme's Customer Service Department. A precondition for a claim is the written notification of the damage by the contractual partner within 14 days of discovery of the damage with information on the defective product (quantity, type, time period, etc.) as well as the type of installation together with associated additional products, and including a copy of the corresponding purchase receipt or invoice.

The contractual partner shall follow Barthelme's instructions and endeavour to limit the damage as much as possible. The guarantee expires immediately if the products are modified, repaired, serviced or otherwise worked on by the customer or third parties without the prior written consent of Barthelme.

Barthelme will check the submitted product for defects. In the event of a guarantee claim, Barthelme may either repair the product, replace it with an identical or equivalent replacement product, or issue a credit note for the purchase price less a reduction in value. In case of replacement, a deviation from the original product due to technical progress as well as a justifiable, small deviation with regard to design and properties is reserved. New or recycled materials equivalent to new products or parts in terms of performance and reliability may be used as spare parts. The replacement products or parts are guaranteed under these conditions for the remainder of the guarantee period.

If no defect can be detected, or a defect not covered by this guarantee has occurred or the guarantee claim is excluded for one of the reasons listed above, the contractual partner is obliged to reimburse Barthelme the costs of the testing procedure, at least a service fee of 50.00 euros, unless the contractual partner proves that the non-existence of the guarantee claim was not recognizable to him or his customer under the circumstances.

The guarantee does not apply to all incidental and consequential costs incurred in connection with the rectification of defects (such as dismounting and reinstallation, transport of the defective and repaired or new product, disposal, travel and travel time, equipment, scaffolding, etc.); such costs shall be borne by the buyer. Furthermore, any liability for damages including financial loss, actual loss, loss of profit, etc. is excluded.

The guarantee cannot be extended and does not start anew with the fulfilment of the guarantee.

Due to technical progress as well as changes in luminous flux and light colour of products due to use, there may be deviations in the light properties of subsequent deliveries of LED products compared to the original products. Barthelme also reserves the right to provide a new, equivalent alternative product if the production of the product queried has been stopped due to technical progress in the meantime.


All claims arising from this contract are forfeited if declarations are made fraudulently or if damage is caused with fraudulent intent by the contractual partner.

The customer's statutory rights are not excluded, limited or modified by this guarantee and apply independently of this. When guarantee payments are made, Barthelme is liable, irrespective of reason, exclusively according to the Barthelme conditions which are valid at the time the guarantee is granted. The Barthelme Terms and Conditions can be found on the Barthelme website (www.barthelme.de) or can be requested from Barthelme by the customer. Furthermore, any liability for damages is excluded. This agreement is subject to German law and excludes the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is Nuremberg, Germany.

Valid from 01.05.2018