Planning Security in LED lighting

The active exchange with interested parties and technological and economic networks strengthens our company and supports the achievement of your goals. Barthelme a member of the ZVEI Fachverband Licht.

Since November 2013 there is a guide „Planning Security in LED lighting”, published by ZVEI (German professional association for the electronics industry). The goal is to create common parameters in the rapidly growing LED market as a basis for comparability, reliability and fair competition among other things.

Barthelme has classified its products according to this guideline. In addition to values such as lumen (lm by 25°), lumen/watt (lm/w), colour temperature (K) and high colour rendering (CRI) we now also provide the colour tolerance and rated life criteria. The colour tolerance shows how close or in how many steps one reel is binned, based on the MacAdams ellipse, as a defining selection criteria for LEDs.

The rated life of the LED luminaire reflects the time until total failure at the end of the lifetime „L“ and is described with „C“. LED luminaries with only individual failed LEDs or modules are not considered as total failures (ballast units are not considered here).

The colour temperature is described with a three-digit number, for example, 927. The first digit represents the colour rendering, the following two digits represent the colour of the light. In our example: CRI > 90 and the colour temperature is 2.700 K.

In addition we provide information regarding the energy efficiency classes (EEC).