• fully encapsulated flexible LED light line with thermal conducive polyurethane-ceramic compound and IP 67 protection
  • for the realisation of dynamic effect lighting, such as running lights or rainbow sequences, both indoors and outdoorsindividually addressable LEDs through pixel-controlled LED strips
  • individually addressable LEDs with pixel-controlled LED strips
  • any colors in the RGB color spectrum can be displayed
  • resistant to water, UV radiation, abrasion and chemicals
  • AQUALUC material test overview

  • Available in individual lengths and dual-sided feed-in on request
  • Colour: RGB

System Input-Voltage Colour-Type Max. feed Connectiontype Beamangle Dimmable Application Max. Housing-Temperature Degreeof protection
AQUA-4006-0RGB RGB17,5×17,5mm (w×h)27W/m
Please consider linear extension with temperature variations.

* AQUALUC order numbers

We manufacture the LED light lines of the AQUALUC series individually according to your requirements. In the following table you have the possibility to complete the order number of your desired luminaire.

Example for a complete order number: AQUA-5001-0028-2000-21-001-002

see Table (Wish length in mm) Cable feed Cable in-feed Cable out-feed
21 - one-sided
22 - double-sided
001 - 1m-cable
002 - 2m-cable
003 - 3m-cable
004 - 4m-cable
005 - 5m-cable
006 - 6m-cable
101 - 0.35m cable with M8 connector
000 - no cable out-feed
001 - 1m-cable
002 - 2m-cable
003 - 3m-cable
004 - 4m-cable
005 - 5m-cable
006 - 6m-cable
102 - 0.35m cable with M8 socket