• concrete installation profile made of electro – galvanised sheet steel and anchor bolts» powder-coated (RAL 9010, pure white)
  • modular system for individual lengthening
  • use in formwork and prefabricated ceilings/walls
  • for mounting of Barthelme customer specific linear luminaires
  • free moving mounting compensates for thermal expansion in length
  • enables simple luminaire mounting with magnetic holders in concrete walls and ceilings, simple disassembly also possible

62394163 Basic profile1620×65×39,5 mm (l×w×h)white RAL9010
62394168 Prefabricated length (closed on both sides)2370×65×39,5 mm (l×w×h)white RAL9010
62394165 Connector90×41,5×35 mm (l×w×h)white RAL9010
62394164 Corner piece 90°211,2×211,2×39,5 mm (l×w×h)white RAL9010
62394162 End piece196,2×65×39,5 mm (l×w×h)white RAL9010
62394161 In-feed piece, incl. screw connection for empty conduits196,2×65×39,5 mm (l×w×h)white RAL9010
62394166 Screen printing plate, for fixing the concrete installation profile to the formwork1500×21×34 mm (l×w×h)brown
62394160 Assembly screw set for 5 running meters consisting of: 20 x countersunk screw; 10 x washer60×40×5 mm (l×w×h)silver