Customized Luminaires

The high quality LED customised luminaires from Barthelme, for interior and exterior applications, are manufactured specifically according to customer needs. With a wide range of LED stripes in various light colours and temperatures in combination with numerous profiles, covers, protection classes and connection types, we can manufacture a customized luminaire for almost any requirement.

You determine the design and functionality. We manufacture the luminaires at our headquarters in Nurnberg with highest precision and quality. An independent certification authority tests all luminaires according to IEC 60598-2-1.

1 Profile Select the profile according to your requirements.
2 Application Depending on the application area your luminaire needs a cover (indoor), partial encapsulation (wet space) or full encapsulation (outdoor).
3 Length Select the length of your luminaire.
4 Cover Depending on the type of application there are up to 6 available covers.
5 LED-stripes Select the suitable LED stripe for the profile from our wide range available.
6 Cable length Enter the required cable length from your luminaire to the power supply or to the next in-feed.
7 Cable feed Choose between side or rear feeding, with PG fitting or rubber sleeve.
8 Bracket Depending on the type of profile, you can choose between different brackets: e.g. rigid, fixed angle or pivotable.