• color controller for 1- to 5-channel applications in one device: 1: monochrome; 2: tunable white; 3: RGB; 4: RGBW; 5: RGB-TW
  • allows easy retrofitting of already existing installations
  • wireless controllable and networkable without additional wiring
  • input voltage: 12 to 36 V DC
  • com+ common anode
  • easy operation by wireless remote controls (1- to 5-channel)
  • four independent zones can be saved
  • three (1- to 4-channel) or four (5-channel) memory locations, which can be individually assigned with fixed colors or color gradients
  • optionally controllable via a 5-channel touch panel (installation in switch box)

Degree of protection
66000770 170×59×29mm (l×w×h)
66000771 120×55×17mm (l×w×h)
66000772 120×55×17mm (l×w×h)
66000773 120×55×17mm (l×w×h)
66000775 153×52×19mm (l×w×h)
66000774 86×86×29,1mm (l×w×h)

You will find all the technical data in the manual.