ESD-Protection at Barthelme

Electrostatic discharges are one of the most common causes of failure in electronic and otptoelectronic components such as integrated circuits and light-emitting diodes. To prevent ESD damage to our products, we, like all our suppliers, use comprehensive protective measures in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1.

ESD-sensitive product groups are processed exclusively in socalled "Electrostatic Protected Areas" (EPA), i.e. electrostatically protected Areas, from incoming materials through production facilities to outgoing products. These areas are equipped with ESD floors, ESD table foils and intergrated ESD workstations. In addition, we carry out entrance checkss in these areas to ensure that our products are not damaged or even destroyed by ESD damage.

Whenever a sensitive component leaves a protected area, it does so only with a special, shielded ESD protective cover. With our ESD protection measures, we ensure that our LED solutions are in perfect condition throughout the entire supply chain until delivery.