Our customers’ high quality standards are both our obligation and our inspiration. Our “Made in Germany” products are created at our Nuremberg location. The satisfaction and success of our customers and employees serve as the basis of our actions. At our company, every single employee is committed to our quality policy and is therefore responsible for the quality of his or her work.

Our vision

To create unforgettable moments through light.

Our mission

As an independent family business, we manufacture advanced, high-quality LED solutions that are tailored to individual lighting tasks. We support our customers throughout their projects by providing a personal contact to assist them both before and after the purchase of our products. In this way, we help to create sustainable, high-quality lighting solutions.

Our guiding principles


Our customers ensure our long-term business success. Fulfilling their requirements and needs is our top priority. Our customers’ satisfaction is therefore both our overriding goal and our ultimate benchmark.


Our employees are our most valuable resource. They are constantly evolving via the targeted accumulation of expertise as well as qualified training and further education. In doing so, they make a significant contribution to the added value process at Barthelme and safeguard our position as the market's leading provider of custom LED solutions.


We help our customers to actively achieve performance improvements, energy savings and cost reductions through our innovative products.

Ongoing developments, improvements and innovations flow continuously into our products and thus help us to meet our customers’ demanding expectations.


We see ourselves as a solution partner for our customers. The individual and tailor-made solutions that we develop and implement together with them enable us to create uniquely personal lighting experiences.


Thanks to a high level of dedication and personal responsibility, each of our employees contributes to the implementation of this quality policy and thus ensures customer satisfaction. All employees have both the duty and the authority to eliminate any factors that have a negative impact on quality.

Zero-defect philosophy

We know that our zero-defect philosophy must be observed during all actions and operations in order to achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction. After all, we want our customers to come back, not our products. We also expect our suppliers to be committed to this philosophy.

Internally, every employee is both our customer and supplier at the same time. By promoting this mindset within our company, we ensure all employees are fully committed to our approach and thus pursue our overarching goal — error-free fulfilment of customer requirements — at all times.

Permanent improvement

At Barthelme, the continuous improvement of both quality and individual actions is mandatory. Furthermore, we insist on permanently optimising and improving our operational processes. In this context, every employee is encouraged to contribute to the improvement process through positive criticism.

Declaration on conflict minerals

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