Smart light management via Bluetooth

LED controllers from Barthelme LED Solutions enable users numerous approaches for the integration of a modern lighting control. The newest member of this product family, the CHROMOFLEX Pro Bluetooth 4.0, is especially suitable for an easy and comfortable light management in home applications and for small businesses.

The compact controller operates with a supply voltage of 8-26 V and is available in 1-4 channel versions. The maximum performance for RGBW applications is 384 W and with pulse-width modulation (PWM) the system can be dimmed to 1% of the total light performance. 10 colour programs are stored with which absorbing ambiences can be created. Should the user have a favorite colour they can comfortably define this as initial colour with the push of a button. 

The associated CHROMOFLEX Pro Bluetooth 4.0-App is compatible with all mobile devices operating with the software versions Android 4.4 or iOS 7 or newer. Range of operation is up to 10 m (indoor) and up to 50 m (outdoor), depending on the smartphone or tablet used. Direct visual contact is not required which enables a concealed installation.

Barthelme CHROMOFLEX Bluetooth 4.0

Image: The CHROMOFLEX PRO Bluetooth 4.0 controller enables intelligent and simple light management via smartphones and tablets and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.