Tallinn`s new gateway to the city

AQUALUC LED light lines with colour temperature 2800 Kelvin illuminate stairs

Recently, the Port of Tallinn has welcomed visitors to the Estonian capital with a new, sustainable cruise terminal. An 850-meter-long promenade connects the new terminal with the Culture Kilometer, a direct link between the port area and Tallinn's Old Town. Homogeneous AQUALUC LED light lines are used along a continuous length of 621 meters to draw passengers' attention to the promenade and thereby provide orientation.

The new 850-metre-long promenade in Tallinn harbour is illuminated by homogeneous LED light lines

More than 300 cruise ships dock in the port of Tallinn every year, bringing around 500,000 holidaymakers to the Estonian capital. To minimize the environmental impact on the city and the surrounding area, the new cruise terminal was built with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint of the ships and passengers: The facility's energy needs are met by solar panels adapted to the Nordic climate, and it is heated with marine power via a heat pump. The three-story, 4,000-square-meter terminal can accommodate up to 2,000 people and is available for concerts, conferences and other events during the off-season.

Aerial view of the roof promenade in Tallinn harbour

The 850-meter-long roof promenade features seating areas, a restaurant and a children's playground. Here, Silman's lighting designers relied on AQUALUC C:URVE LED light lines with IP 67 protection. The installed continuous light line, more than 600 meters long, consists of more than 100 sections that were fitted end to end with construction adhesive. A shadow-free alignment of numerous modules with uninterrupted illumination is realised thanks to the specially designed in-feed system. The result is an absolutely homogeneous light line that warmly illuminates the path of the passengers with a color temperature of 2800 Kelvin and pleasantly highlights the wood and concrete materials used.

Cruise ships in the Tallinn shipping terminal

Client Port of Tallinn Lighting design Silmani Elekter AS ©Photographer Kaupo Kalda


The IP-protected LED light lines AQUALUC are characterized by excellent homogeneity, the AQUALUC MINI versions by particularly small dimensions. With their effective heat dissipation, no additional aluminum profiles are required for all products in this series. Thanks to the particularly high-quality materials and their fully encapsulated construction, they are resistant to various external influences. In extensive test series, the AQUALUC series has been tested for resistance to salt, water, UV radiation, abrasion, dust and chemicals. The LED light lines, available with IP 67 or IP 68 protection depending on the version, are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as general outdoor lighting, swimming pool and spa areas, as well as marine, garden and landscaping applications.

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