Powerful light for gentle reflections

Indirekte Beleuchtung in Umkleidekabine

With the choice of an indirect illumination, the ceiling area is not interrupted in any way, thereby enabling the architecture of the modern concrete structure with its circular skylights to come into its own.


The selected Barthelme LEDlight flex LED strips have a very high luminous flux of 3,600 lm/m. The resulting light reflected from the concrete ceiling fulfills the DIN 12464 for corridors.

LED-Lichtlinien im Außenbereich

The LED profile BARdolino Angolo, which was designed for corner structures, directs the light in a 45° angle to the ceiling and is reflected from there in the various areas, such as here in the showers.

Integrierte LED-Lichtlinien AQUALUC

The stairway of the school gymnastics hall is uniformly illuminated according to the regulatory standards without impairing the architectural design in any way.

Indirect lighting is often used only in combination with direct lighting. This combination is however, often not necessary or wanted for aesthetic reasons. The latter was the case in the newly built 3-discipline gymnastics hall of the secondary school in Rebdorf, Bavaria. The corridors, the changing rooms and the sanitary facilities were all exclusively illuminated with an indirect light source. As a result, the clean appearance of the modern concrete surfaces are not interrupted in any way and the architecture can come into its own. In addition, the soft visual effect of the indirect light, which is reflected from the concrete surface, provides a contrast to the building materials used.   

High lumen output to fulfill lighting regulatory standards

Due to the relatively low degree of reflection of concrete, a solution with the Barthelme LEDlight flex 07 10 High Performance LED strips with a colour temperature of 4,000 Kelvin was selected for the implementation. These strips have a particularly high luminous flux of 3,600 lm/m which enables all visual tasks to be fulfilled in accordance with the standard DIN 12464 despite the low degree of reflection of the ceiling. The LED profile BARdolino Angolo, which was specially designed for corner structures, was chosen as luminaire fixture. The profile can be quickly and easily installed in 45° angles and efficiently dissipates the warmth generated by the high luminous flux. A clear cover protects the LED technology from external influences and ensures maximum light yield. Overall, 230 meters of this LED solution were installed in the corridors, changing rooms and sanitary facilities.

Barthelme LEDlight flex 10 8pf LED strips inserted in BARdolino flat LED profiles were installed in the handrails of the stairway to the gymnastics hall. The steps are evenly illuminated in a cool white color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin with a light yield of 850 lm/m. The entire light system was connected to the pre-existing KNX building controller.

Thermal extension compensated by LED strip connectors

Longer linear lighting solutions can be realized when numerous profiles are installed head to head. Depending on the luminous flux of the inserted LED strips, the profiles can, as a matter of physics, expand a few millimeters during operation and contract again once the light has been switched off. As a result, it is important to ensure that the LED strips are not inserted over the connecting joints of the profiles. For the installation in Rebdorf, the LED strips were confectioned to the length of the individual profiles and connected to each other with flexible wire bridges, thereby increasing the reliability and stability of the lighting system.

Project data:

Customer Diöszese Eichstätt Architect Diöszesenbauamt Eichstätt Lighting design Arzenheimer Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG ©Photographer Walter Huber