Art in the subway station

BERgamo wallwashers illuminate the West Station of the Brussels Metro

With the construction of the first underground rail systems, the focus was exclusively on functionality. Subway stations were very alike and often seemed oppressive. This is different today. In many places the platforms are now the grandstands, and the opposite wall is the stage. They often give a first impression of the city and become a venue for interesting encounters. The West Station of the Brussels Metro in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean district is one such example. The important traffic junction in the Belgian capital was decorated with photographs and paintings, which are highlighted with wallwashers of the BERgamo series and which merge into a work of art with high recognition value.

Wallwasher with blue power LEDs illuminate wall in subway station

Image: Platform at the West Station, Brussels: The renowned photographer Stephan Vanfleteren shows portraits that reflect fashion in Brussels. He did not hire professional models for the shots, but rather photographed train staff and passengers. This lends the station a distinctive identity.

Wallwasher with white power LEDs illuminate wall in subway station

Image: A colourful collage with extracts from 130 paintings by the Belgian painter Yves Zurstraßen sets colourful accents.

The portraits and pictures are illuminated by wallwashers of the BERgamo series over a length of 90 meters each. The optics (43° x 16°) installed above the power LEDs of the luminaires cast directed light onto the wall and enable a shadowless and even light effect along the entire length of the wall and do not dazzle the passengers on the platform. With high luminous fluxes of 1,980 lm (light colour blue) and 6,000 lm (colour temperature 4,000 K), the luminaires provide a rich wallwasher effect and thus an overall saturated appearance. In the fully encapsulated version, as used in this project, the fully encapsulated LED luminaires of the BERgamo series have an IP 67 degree of protection and are optimally protected against external influences.

Customer Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles Lighting design CCLLIGHT

BERgamo wallwasher for architectural area illumination

Barthelme wallwashers offer a variety of possibilities, both indoors and outdoors, to illuminate modern architecture or historic buildings, thus emphasising their uniqueness. The luminaires are available in different standard lengths from 33.6 cm to 99.6 cm and can be arrayed seamlessly and without shadows. An integrated temperature monitor dims the installed power LEDs in the event of overheating and protects them from destruction. A choice of beam angles, different light colours, RGB and RGBW versions with a very high luminous flux and a wide range of accessories offer a maximum degree of freedom in planning.

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