Efficient retail illumination


The broad selection of high-quality sunglasses and eyeglass frames of international brands and selected designers are perfectly accentuated by the Barthelme LEDlight flex High Performance Controlled White LED strips. Source: OZ lighting, Photo: Adrian Hipp


The Mid-Power LED-Chips of the LED strips with an efficacy of 121 lm/W and binned in a single bin according to 3 Step MacAdam illuminate the product shelves with a homogenous light throughout the entire shelf length. Source: OZ lighting, Photo: Adrian Hipp


In addition to eyeglasses, bags from renowned manufacturers are presented in the premium lounge of the optician in Villach. The LED strips from Barthelme in the shelves ensure an appealing product illumination and provide a comfortable ambience in the controllable circular ceiling luminaire from Oz Lighting. Source: OZ lighting, Photo: Adrian Hipp

LED strips from Barthelme generate feel-good factor

Light plays an ever-increasing role in the retail industry and fulfils numerous tasks. It functions as orientation guidance, product accentuation and creates a pleasant ambience. A tailored shop illumination is therefore a significant factor for retail branding and for a positive customer shopping experience.

Thomas Oberzaucher, light designer and CEO of OZ lighting, took all these aspects into consideration with his lighting concept for the flagship store of Optik Plessin in Villach, Austria. The sales areas were bathed in a clean and natural white with LED strips from Barthelme, creating a feel-good atmosphere inviting guests to linger.

Optik Plessin is a leading optician in Austria. Since its founding 30 years ago, it has the ambition to be the best, but not necessarily the biggest, in its field. In addition to spectacle frames from selected designers and a wide-ranging selection of international sunglass brands, the store is also equipped with leading-edge optometry equipment and provides professional service from highly-qualified staff. This superior quality expectation is recognizable upon entering the store.

Flexible light for optimal product presentation

The extensive product assortment of Optik Plessin consists of a range of materials, colours and surfaces with varying reflective characteristics.  In order to present the entire display in a naturally clean way, Thomas Oberzaucher installed Barthelme LEDlight flex High Performance Controlled White LED strips with each section being individually controlled by a CHROMOFLEX pro stripe CV controller. The LED strips with a typical CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 84 can be dynamically adjusted in a range from warm white 2,700 Kelvin up to a daylight white of 5,500 Kelvin. Thus, the light can be individually tailored for the presented products. The Mid-Power LED chips of the efficient LED strips, with an efficacy of 121 lm/W, are binned in a single bin according to 3 Step MacAdam and illuminate the product shelves in a homogeneous light over the entire length of the display.

The clear lines of the modern premises are further accentuated by the illumination which also create an inviting and harmonic ambience. There is however, an additional benefit. “On the one hand a spatial and comfortable atmosphere is created and on the other hand the highly efficient LED technology saves energy. Thank you to all for the excellent support during this project”, says Thomas Oberzaucher.