Barthelme supports Luci in Riviera

The workshop "Luci in Riviera" will take place in the Venetian city of Dolo from 17 to 22 September under the motto "A world of light". Barthelme supports the long-term lighting project along the Brenta Canal with wallwashers from the BERgamo series and fully encapsulated individual luminaires for outdoor use.


Dolo, located on the banks of the historic waterway, will be a playground for twenty university students and young professionals from Italy, Belgium, Russia, China, Israel, Iran, the Philippines and Brazil from Monday 17 September. The participants will undertake a comprehensive lighting project as part of a workshop under the guidance and experience of four professional lighting designers of international standing.

The event is dedicated primarily to young Italian and international designers and offers them the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in lighting design. The lighting installations are designed under the motto "Un mondo di luce" (A world of light) and realised with human perception in mind, according to the principle that good lighting does not mean too much illumination or dazzling people.

The official inauguration on Saturday 22 September will attract both local residents and tourists, inviting them to discover a new nocturnal landscape. The installations will remain illuminated until Sunday, October 7th, 2018, and can be visited free of charge, providing the ideal backdrop for accompanying events in collaboration with local associations.

Venetian villas on the Brenta Canal

The Dolo venue was not randomly selected, but is an important part of a multi-year project that will culminate in the cities of Padua and Venice being connected by light installations. Dolo is one of a total of six municipalities on the banks of the Brenta Canal, which has connected Padua to the Adriatic Sea since the 16th century. At that time, aristocrats and patricians from Venice also built villas in the town to live there in summer, as it was much cooler than the lagoon city. Consequently, the highest density of Venetian villas was built in the region, outside Venice.