• proven strip with latest LED generation (3014) and a very flat build height, efficient thermal management and good lumen output
  • simple regulation via com+ (we recommend our CHROMOFLEX series)
  • long LED lifetime due to current limiter with integrated temperature control, high amount of copper in FPC and 3M thermoconducting adhesive tape
  • RGBW (RGB + white): generates pastel shades, a pure white as well as warmer and cooler white tones (comparable with controlled white)
  • RGBA (RGB + amber): generates saturated colours, more colour mixes and more natural white tones (compared to conventional RGB colour mixtures)
  • estimated lifetime L70 at Tc<80°C: >60,300h

System Input-Voltage Colour-Type Colour-Type LED/Meter Pitch Rolllength Max. feed Cutlength Connectiontype Beamangle Dimmable Lifespan L70 Colourconsistency Max. Housing-Temperature Degreeof protection
50009336 RGBWCutRGBW/3000K112lm2W56lm/W1244lm/m83A+90×10×1,4mm (l×w×h)2422,2W/m
50009332 RGBACutRGBA80lm2W40lm/W889lm/m A90×10×1,4mm (l×w×h)2422,2W/m
50330532 RGBAReelRGBA2744lm72W38lm/W889lm/m B3240×10×1,4mm (l×w×h)86422,2W/m
50330536 RGBWReelRGBW/3000K3865lm72W54lm/W1244lm/m83B3240×10×1,4mm (l×w×h)86422,2W/m
Please note: Insufficient cooling will damage the LEDs
62397351 Scala Downlight1000×54,2×25mm (l×w×h) 
62397352 Scala Downlight2010×54,2×25mm (l×w×h) 
62397353 Scala Downlight3020×54,2×25mm (l×w×h) 
62397355 Scala Downlight5030×54,2×25mm (l×w×h) 
62397361 Scala Uplight1000×56,5×24mm (l×w×h) 
62397362 Scala Uplight2010×56,5×24mm (l×w×h) 
62397363 Scala Uplight3020×56,5×24mm (l×w×h) 
62397365 Scala Uplight5030×56,5×24mm (l×w×h) 
62398101 GARliano1000×19×10,2mm (l×w×h) 
62398102 GARliano2010×19×10,2mm (l×w×h) 
62398103 GARliano3020×19×10,2mm (l×w×h) 
62398105 GARliano5030×19×10,2mm (l×w×h) 
62398401 Walllight 2.0, aluminium anodised1000×23,35×37,12mm (l×w×h) 
62398402 Walllight 2.0, aluminium anodised2010×23,35×37,12mm (l×w×h) 
62398403 Walllight 2.0, aluminium anodised3020×23,35×37,12mm (l×w×h) 
62398405 Walllight 2.0, aluminium anodised5030×23,35×37,12mm (l×w×h) 
62398421 Walllight 3.01000×23×90mm (l×w×h) 
62398422 Walllight 3.02010×23×90mm (l×w×h) 
62398423 Walllight 3.03020×23×90mm (l×w×h) 
62398425 Walllight 3.05030×23×90mm (l×w×h) 
62399101 BARdolino high1000×18,4×19,7mm (l×w×h) 
62399102 BARdolino high2010×18,4×19,7mm (l×w×h) 
62399103 BARdolino high3020×18,4×19,7mm (l×w×h) 
62399105 BARdolino high5030×18,4×19,7mm (l×w×h) 
62399111 BARdolino H1000×18,4×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399112 BARdolino H2010×18,4×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399113 BARdolino H3020×18,4×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399115 BARdolino H5030×18,4×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399201 BARdolino flat1000×18,4×13mm (l×w×h) 
62399202 BARdolino flat2010×18,4×13mm (l×w×h) 
62399203 BARdolino flat3020×18,4×13mm (l×w×h) 
62399205 BARdolino flat5030×18,4×13mm (l×w×h) 
62399431 Pino HP1000×20,8×13,2×Ø20,8mm (l×w×h×d) 
62399432 Pino HP2010×20,8×13,2×Ø20,8mm (l×w×h×d) 
62399433 Pino HP3020×20,8×13,2×Ø20,8mm (l×w×h×d) 
62399435 Pino HP5030×20,8×13,2×Ø20,8mm (l×w×h×d) 
62399441 Pino Solo1000×20,8×13,2×Ø20,8mm (l×w×h×d) 
62399442 Pino Solo2010×20,8×13,2×Ø20,8mm (l×w×h×d) 
62399443 Pino Solo3020×20,8×13,2×Ø20,8mm (l×w×h×d) 
62399445 Pino Solo5030×20,8×13,2×Ø20,8mm (l×w×h×d) 
62399461 BARdolino Angolo1000×23,7×16,7mm (l×w×h) 
62399462 BARdolino Angolo2010×23,7×16,7mm (l×w×h) 
62399463 BARdolino Angolo3020×23,7×16,7mm (l×w×h) 
62399465 BARdolino Angolo5030×23,7×16,7mm (l×w×h) 
62399471 Soffitto, aluminium anodized1000×28,4×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399472 Soffitto, aluminium anodized2010×28,4×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399473 Soffitto, aluminium anodized3020×28,4×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399475 Soffitto, aluminium anodized5030×28,4×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399501 BARdolino T1000×35,2×25mm (l×w×h) 
62399502 BARdolino T2010×35,2×25mm (l×w×h) 
62399503 BARdolino T3020×35,2×25mm (l×w×h) 
62399505 BARdolino T5030×35,2×25mm (l×w×h) 
62399531 BARdolino Muro1000×18,4×37,3mm (l×w×h) 
62399532 BARdolino Muro2010×18,4×37,3mm (l×w×h) 
62399533 BARdolino Muro3020×18,4×37,3mm (l×w×h) 
62399535 BARdolino Muro5030×18,4×37,3mm (l×w×h) 
62399581 BARdolino Fondo1000×58,5×9mm (l×w×h) 
62399582 BARdolino Fondo2010×58,5×9mm (l×w×h) 
62399583 BARdolino Fondo3020×58,5×9mm (l×w×h) 
62399585 BARdolino Fondo5030×58,5×9mm (l×w×h) 
62399591 BARdolino Laminato, BARdolino Laminato aluminium luminaire profile1000×30×8,9mm (l×w×h) 
62399592 BARdolino Laminato, BARdolino Laminato aluminium luminaire profile2010×30×8,9mm (l×w×h) 
62399593 BARdolino Laminato, BARdolino Laminato aluminium luminaire profile3020×30×8,9mm (l×w×h) 
62399595 BARdolino Laminato, BARdolino Laminato aluminium luminaire profile5030×30×8,9mm (l×w×h) 
62399811 CATania 3030, CATania 3030 Profile1000×30×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399812 CATania 3030, CATania 3030 Profile2010×30×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399813 CATania 3030, CATania 3030 Profile3020×30×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399815 CATania 3030, CATania 3030 Profile5030×30×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399831 CATania 3030 T1000×40×30mm (l×w×h) 
62399901 GARgano1000×17,9×9,5mm (l×w×h) 
62399902 GARgano2010×17,9×9,5mm (l×w×h) 
62399903 GARgano3020×17,9×9,5mm (l×w×h) 
62399905 GARgano5030×17,9×9,5mm (l×w×h) 
62399940 Pino Grande profile1000×Ø38mm (l×d)opal white
62399942 Pino Grande profile2010×Ø38mm (l×d)opal white
62399944 Pino Grande profile3020×Ø38mm (l×d)opal white
Please consider linear extension with temperature variations
50990851 LED cable and confectioning, cable 5 pole, with tin-plated free wire ends, 1 m - soldered to LEDlight flex
50990852 LED cable and confectioning, cable 5 pole, with tin-plated free wire ends, 2 m - soldered to LEDlight flex
50990853 LED cable and confectioning, cable 5 pole, with tin-plated free wire ends, 3 m - soldered to LEDlight flex