New LED luminaire profiles from Barthelme

Barthelme LED Solutions has expanded its range of high-quality anodised aluminium LED profiles with the CATania 4040 and the CATania 6075 T. Both newcomers are available in customised lengths up to 5 m and with three different covers: opal white for an absolute homogenous light distribution, a light matt for light diffusion with limited light loss and a clear cover for high luminous output. As with all Barthelme profiles, the designer can select any RAL powder coating for the profiles. In addition, Barthelme has developed a vandal proof mounting with which LED profiles can be securely installed in public areas.


The 15 mm wide base of the CATania 4040 (outer dimensions: 40 x 40 mm) are ideal for all Barthelme LED stripes and also corresponding stripes from other manufacturers. In addition, two parallel hollow spaces offer ample room for cable routing. The inner side walls of the profile form a reflector which increase the luminous efficacy. To further increase this effect, a white coated reflector band can be optionally installed. The profile can either be suspended as a pendant luminaire or mounted directly on walls or ceilings. The cover can easily be adjusted in two levels according to requirements: either flush with the profile walls for the best possible light yield or slightly recessed for improved glare protection.


The new wing profile CATania 6075 T (installation dimensions: 60 x 75 mm) from Barthelme offers all the advantages of the proven CATania 6075 luminaire profile: the power supply can be directly integrated into the profile and the large cooling surface enables excellent heat dissipation. Furthermore, the cover of the new CATania 6075 T can be mounted in three levels – recessed, flush and protruding. The matching insert CATania 60 is suitable for all LED stripes from the Barthelme LEDlight flex series as well as boards specified according to Zhaga class L28W2. The powder coated, white reflection surface ensures – as with the CATania 4040 - an optimal light efficacy.


Vandalism is an ever present concern in public areas. Barthelme LED Solutions has therefore developed an innovative mounting which enables a vandal-proof installation of the Barthelme GARgano, GARliano, CATania 3030 and CATania 4040 profiles. Initially the thin metal plate with integrated clamping device is bolted in the desired position. Then the profile is simply attached to the plate. With the help of an Allen key the clamping device expands thereby interlocking with the profile rail and firmly securing the profile.

CATania 4040

Image 1: The CATania 4040 from Barthelme with dimensions of 40 x 40 mm provides amples space for the cable ducts. The optionally available reflector minimises the light loss.

CATania 6075 T

Image 2: In addition to an integrated power supply the new recessed profile CATania 6075 T, with the installation dimensions 60 x 75 mm, enjoys excellent heat dissipation thanks to the large cooling surface.

Vandal-proof mounting

Image 3: The vandal-proof mounting from Barthelme is immediately available for the GARgano, GARliano, CATania 3030 and CATania 4040 LED profiles.