Denios SE creates a new landmark with innovative façade design

As a global market leader for environmental protection and safety, Denios SE from Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, conceived of something very special for its state-of-the-art Hall South, which was completed in 2023. In order to create a harmonious transition between the hall and the surrounding environment, a perforated sheet metal façade, 10 meters high and 50 meters in width, and extending around the corner by about 6 meters was installed. Behind the sheet metal wall, BERgamo RGBW wallwashers from Barthelme LED Solutions were installed, which not only bathe the façade in a magical light, but also offer a wealth of creative possibilities.

Lochblechwand mit Waldmotiv

Expression of local roots

The motif of a beech forest for the perforated sheet façade was created in the immediate vicinity of Denios' headquarters in the Wiehen mountain region and underscores the company's strong local roots. "The idea and realization came about here at Denios SE," says project manager Damian Bulka. "We wanted a motif that is suited to Denios, expresses our connection to nature, and fits perfectly into the landscape in terms of proportions. The newly planted trees in front of the hall should harmonize with the trees in the façade and portray a realistic forest for the beholder."

Lochblechwand in RGBW-Farben gebadet

Fascinating lighting dynamics

A total of 86 installed BERgamo RGBW wallwashers from Barthelme LED Solutions bring the impressive sheet metal perforated wall to life. The IP 67 rated wallwashers are resistant to water and dust ingress and can therefore withstand the harshest environments. The lights are arranged in two rows, one of which illuminates the wall from top to bottom and the other from bottom to top. This twofold configuration allows for fascinating lighting dynamics and highlights the details of the beech forest motif.

Beleuchtung mit BERgamo RGBW-Wallwasher

The lighting of the façade is controlled via DMX controllers, which allows precise control over each individual luminaire. Via a smartphone app, millions of colors or different sequences can be selected, as appropriate for any given occasion. Particularly impressive is that a "La Ola wave", where the light moves in a gentle wave along the façade creating a fascinating visual spectacle.

Stromversorgung mit Photovoltaik-Anlage

A symbol of innovation and sustainability

The power for the lighting is generated climate-neutrally and cost-effectively by the company's own photovoltaic system including power storage which is mounted on the rooftop. Denios SE's Hall South is thus not only a production center, but also a symbol of innovation, connection to nature and aesthetics. For this idea and its realization, the company received the prestigious ICONIC Award (status "Winner").

Project data:
Denios SE
Electro installation: Schürmann Gebäude + Energie GmbH & Co. KG
Product: BERgamo RGBW-Wallwasher >>