Wall installation with accent lighting

A special atmosphere prevails in the Congress Centrum in Würzburg: concentrated work, lively discussions and relaxing small talk take place in turn. The framework for this is a quality architecture – large spaces with impressive wall and glass surfaces dominate the ambience. This creates special demands on the artistic composition of the rooms.

Nine artists and designers were invited to participate in an „Art in Architecture” competition and develop concepts for a large wall space. Amongst other requirements, the client desired a light installation which would illuminate in the colour of the respective event taking place. The concept by architect and artist Martha Schubert-Schmidt was selected as the winner of this competition. How the requirements were implemented in practice can be seen in the foyer of the new panorama level of the Congress Centrum in Würzburg. The wall installation “Light & Light” from Martha Schubert-Schmidt blends elegantly in the existing scenery and convinces with a high-quality light installation which can colourfully accentuate all kinds of events.

With her creative idea the Würzburger artist has created a further highlight in the exceptional architectural ambience. “The space is characterized by impressive architectural elements and a glass façade which permits the visitors a spectacular view of Würzburg and the fortress Marienburg” says Mrs. Schubert-Schmidt, “which is why I wanted to create a light and slender accent“. The accentuation was achieved with six wafer-thin, white varnished aluminum boards which are fastened a distance from the wall surface with a special holder and surrounded by indirect light. The space between the boards widens towards the top which transforms the intensity of the light. In this way the 5.40 m wide and 3.40 m high work of art gains the necessary plasticity and appears to float like a feather in the room.

„Light & Light“ radiates in any light colour and can be thematically tuned for company events or symposiums. The light source is provided by Barthelme LEDlight flex 33 RGB strips. The strips have integrated circuits which help prevent an overheating of the LEDs during sustained operation. In addition, the high copper content in the flexible printed board further provides improved heat dissipation thereby resulting in a longer lifetime of the LED chips. As a result this timeless artwork will not lose luminous intensity over time. The LED strips are mounted in BARdolino Angolo aluminum profiles which are invisibly installed on the holders for the aluminum boards and which provide further cooling for the system. The management of the light colour and the various lighting scenarios is controlled by the Barthelme CHROMOFLEX Pro. The wireless control unit has numerous factory-set standard effects which can be easily and comfortably selected via remote control. The control effects can also be expanded with bespoke colour changes and effects if required.

Akzentbeleuchtung im Foyer

Image: The light installation of Martha Schubert-Schmidt fits discreetly and elegantly in the existing architecture.