Integral lighting design in the entrance area

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, the main entrance of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing was remodeled and redesigned to create a more inviting atmosphere. In the process, the structure of the single-story pavilion was largely retained. LED linear luminaires and fully encapsulated LED light lines were integrated into the architecture. The lighting concept by architect and lighting designer Sandra Lorenz bestows the prestigious premises with a distinctive flair.   

LED linear luminaires integrated in louvered ceiling

LED linear luminaires from Barthelme integrated into louvered ceiling in foyer of Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

Visitors enter the institutes prestigious foyer via a central vestibule. Red exposed masonry walls have been preserved from the historic building, which are contrasted by a white, sound-absorbing slatted ceiling and a light-colored terrazzo floor. LED linear luminaires measuring 30 x 30 mm were integrated in the spaces between the slatted ceiling. CATania 3030 LED profiles were used as the base profile for the luminaires, which were fitted with LEDlight flex HIGH EFFICIENCY PLUS LED strips from Barthelme. The installation was carried out in close coordination with the ceiling contractors and the lighting designer, allowing the LED luminaires to be integrated flush with the ceiling at regular intervals.

Circular luminaire with a diameter of four meters

Round luminaire with a diameter of four metres above a round counter

Installed above the counter, a circular luminaire with a massive diameter of four meters floats above it like a footprint. The base body was assembled from six curved L-profiles and fitted with a flexible, fully encapsulated LED light line from the AQUALUC C:URVE series, which was made to measure. Depending on the design, AQUALUC light lines can be produced up to a length of over nine meters. These are ideal for recreating organic shapes with a homogeneous light line. AQUALUC LED light lines have proven themselves in many areas as accent lighting and, depending on the LED strips used, can also be used as task lighting in accordance with DIN 12641. Barthelme offers various configuration options and provides the designer with a wide range of possibilities for a variety of applications.

Significant depth of the space due to reflections of the LED light lines

LED linear luminaires from Barthelme in the corridor of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

Visitors pass through a glass door from the foyer into a wide corridor, at the end of which there is an elevator with glass elements positioned above it. The lighting concept from the foyer was adopted and implemented here with suspended indirect and direct beam profiles of the CATania 3060 DUO, which are located on the same plane as the luminaires in the louvered ceiling of the foyer. Due to the glass door, as well as the reflection effects above the elevator at the end of the corridor, a strong depth of the space is created. Since the linear luminaires from Barthelme LED Solutions were to be discreetly incorporated, the integral planning of the new LED lighting was of crucial importance in this project.

Project data

Client Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

Architecture kleyer.koblitz.letzel.freivogel Architekten

Lighting Design Sandra Lorenz

Electrical Planner KLIMAV°MFEINSTEN, Marko Augustat & Partner 

©Photographer Simon Menges