Castle Eckberg: Modern refines historical

During the renovation of Castle Eckberg it was of great importance to retain the historical character of the premises whilst at the same time meeting the modern technical demands – also with regards to the lighting.

In the main recreation rooms such as lobby, fireside lounge and restaurant, the light creates a harmonic transition between the dark wooden paneling and the lighter stonewalls. The light runs the length of the walls and provides a warm glow in the halls and rooms with this indirect illumination. The integration of the luminaires in the historical paneling, accentuates the ambience of the space without altering the character of the rooms.

The profile GARliano was selected for the technical implementation due to its compact elegant design. In combination with an LED stripe from the Barthelme LEDlight flex series, with a distance of only 5 mm between the LEDs, and a frosted cover, an absolutely homogeneous light-emitting surface is created, with which the walls can be gently and evenly illuminated. A feature of these LED stripes from Nuremberg, is the authenticity of the warm white colour which is very similar to candle light, and which together with the fireplace creates an aesthetic setting. The installation of a wireless controller from Barthelme enables the control of light in all rooms as required. To meet the wish for a harmonious overall ambience the system is programmed for a starting brightness of 30%. An individual light intensity in each room is possible as per current requirements.

Recessed LED floor luminaires highlight the arches and create an impressive ambience in the wine cellar. The unobtrusive and effective luminaires of the Pisa 1.2 series cast a defined cone of light on the cragged castle walls. A 34° optic was selected which perfectly frames the dimensions of the stonework and makes it to a genuine eye-catcher.

The warm white illumination provide a relaxing ambience in the rooms of castle hotel.

The lighting from below sets the cragged stonewalls of the wine cellar impressively in focus.