Modernisation of the iconic Berlin Olympic Stadium

Berlin's Olympic Stadium, one of the landmarks of the German capital, is undergoing extensive renovations from 2022 to 2024 to meet the demanding UEFA standards for soccer stadiums. As part of this prestigious project, not only will the entrance areas be modernized to the latest standards, but the sanitary facilities will also undergo extensive renovation. LED technology from Barthelme LED Solutions is playing a key role in improving safety and comfort in these areas.

Comprehensive upgrading of the sanitary areas

Illumination of sanitary areas

Particular attention was paid to the fundamental redesign of the four lavatory cores in the lower ring of the Berlin Olympic Stadium. The capacity of the sanitary facilities was almost doubled by the intelligent installation of false ceilings in these spacious areas. To minimize the risk of accidents, uniform illumination of the entire area was achieved by using Barthelme LEDlight flex STANDARD 3000 LED strips with 4000 Kelvin. These long-lasting and extremely efficient light sources offer a brightness of up to 3,120 lumens per meter and are available in reels of up to 20 m.

Customized RGBW luminaires create an inviting atmosphere in the guest block

Einladende Atmosphäre im Gästeblock mit RGBW-Leuchten

CATania Angolo RGBW luminaires, which are controlled via DMX controller, were installed in the guest block. Based on the control system available in the stadium, these luminaires immerse the surroundings in a wide variety of colors and offer stadium visitors not only an inviting atmosphere, but also a clear orientation aid, depending on the event.

Light as an element of the safety concept


The entrance areas were renewed with modern, high turnstiles as well as state-of-the-art security cameras. To further enhance security at the entrance, powerful BERgamo lights were installed under the roof in the entrance area. These provide strong and clear light for access control, which not only increases spectator safety, but also provides security personnel with the necessary brightness to perform effective screening.

The modernisation of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin with efficient LED solutions from Barthelme not only helps to comply with the required lighting regulations, but also significantly reduces the stadium's carbon footprint while creating a more comfortable and safer environment for all stadium visitors.

Project Data:

CUSTOMER: Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH I Torsten Römhild – Project Management Bau EURO 2024
ARCHITECT: Ansgar Becker I BAUMGART BECKER Planungsgesellschaft mbH
ELECTRO INSTALLATION: Vogler technische Leistungen GmbH
©PHOTOGRAPH: Reiner Freese