New LED profile for the building shell

LED-Profil auf der Light & Building

With the new CATania 30 UP flush-mounted profile from Barthelme, the Nuremberg-based manufacturer has developed a solution with which linear light lines can be integrated directly into shell walls.

To install the CATania 30 UP, a slot must first be made in the masonry in which the profile is inserted. Two ribbed wings are attached to the profile, which are then plastered and hold the profile in place. For plastering work, an optional flush-fitting foam insert is available to protect the interior of the profile from soiling during plastering. As an option, Barthelme offers a matching power supply housing that can be flanged to one end of the profile. This means that the power supply can also be integrated directly into walls. In terms of lighting technology, the CATania 30 UP offers users many options, as all covers and inserts of the CATania 30 series are compatible with the installation profile. Depending on the accessories used, homogeneous, diffuse and glare-free light lines can be implemented. In addition, the radiation characteristics can be influenced with various inserts and covers. Like all LED profiles from Barthelme, the CATania 30 UP is available in individual lengths of up to 5 m per piece.

Can also be used as a supporting profile

The CATania 30 UP flush-mounted profile can be installed either as an independent luminaire flush and with virtually no visible edge or as a support profile to extend the range of applications for the BARdolino T profile.

LED-Profil auf der Light & Building

Image: The new CATania UP flush-mounted profile can be integrated as an independent luminaire flush with the walls of the building shell with virtually no visible edges. A suitable housing for the power supply unit is available as an option. With an insert, the LEDs can also be operated directly above the power supply unit, enabling shadowless illumination over the entire length.

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