Linear light in high-end automobile dealership

Car dealership by night

Online sales have also become an integral part of the automotive industry. Nevertheless, classic car dealerships are still the most important point of sale, especially in the more upscale segment. Here, buying a car becomes a tangible event. The Parolin dealership in the Italian giant Pio X shows how to combine tradition with state-of-the-art. The dealership's new building has been designed to be welcoming, from the architecture to the furnishings, and includes a photo studio with a turntable for high-quality photographs of the car models that are showcased online. Whether live on site or online: The appropriate lighting of the premises as well as the vehicles is one of the most important factors.

Entrance canopy with protected LED strips

LED linear luminaires from Barthelme mounted on roof overhang

On the roof overhang of the low-rise structure, a light line was integrated that extends around the entire building and illuminates the entrance area with a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin. For this purpose, the BARdolino high LED profiles from Barthelme were used. Since the distance from the bottom of the profile to the cover is more than 19 mm, homogeneous light can be realized in combination with an opal cover with almost all LED strips. LEDlight flex 12 8p HIGH EFFICIENCY PLUS IP 66-MFC LED strips are used as the light source. Thanks to a thin protective layer, moisture cannot harm them, which makes them ideal for use in protected outdoor areas. They achieve a brightness of 2.068 lm/m and at the same time are highly efficient with 166 lm/W.

Light cubes with integrated drywall profiles CATania 30 TB

Illuminated showroom of a car dealership

Three-dimensional light cubes define the exhibition area in the showroom of the car dealership. These cubes cast the limelight on the high-quality vehicles. For this purpose, track-guided, swivelling spotlights and a linear, homogeneous frame light are used. The frame light of the 4 x 3 m or 7 x 4 m cubes was integrated flush into each cube. For this purpose, the lighting designers from GLIP used the CATania 3030 TB drywall profile. This LED profile is easy to install because its low overall height of 25 mm means that there is no need to interfere with the substructure of double-boarded drywall. When fitted, the profile's filigree aluminium edge is barely visible even when the profile's light is switched off.

Linear lights with customized powder coating

LED linear luminaires from Barthelme above a desk in the office

Linear pendant luminaires were placed above the desks in the office workplaces of the car dealership. The luminaires were fitted to the respective desk lengths and in color to the room concept of the rooms. The finished luminaires are based on the CATania 3060 DUO luminaire profile. This profile can accommodate LED strips on both sides and provides direct and indirect lighting in equal measure. Depending on the connection type and control, the two inserted LED strips can be operated individually or simultaneously.

Barrisol lighting stretch ceiling for photo shootings

Car under light ceiling

For a high-quality online presence, the vehicles at the Parolin dealership are photographed in a photo studio built for purpose. The vehicles are placed on a turntable so that they can be photographed from all sides under consistent lighting conditions. Behind the 50-square-meter luminous ceiling, GLIP's lighting designers installed LED luminaires with Barthelme's GARliano basic profile. With its low installation height of 10.2 mm, it can be used wherever there is little installation space. In combination with a 180° cover, as used for the luminous ceiling in this project, it is also suitable for homogeneous all-round illumination.

Lighting for carport with 20 parking spaces

Illuminated carport

The carport in the outdoor area of the car dealership, which provides space for 20 vehicles, is also uniformly illuminated. The lighting designers from GLIP used LED profiles from the CATania 3030 series, which were equipped with LEDlight flex 12 8p HIGH EFFICIENCY PLUS IP 66-MFC with a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin, just like the roof overhang of the building. In this way, the colors of the vehicles are shown to their full advantage and the entire installation conveys a harmonious overall appearance when dusk falls.

Illuminated carport with cars at night

Project data

Customer Automobili Parolin

Light planning GLIP The Lighting Partner

Architect Stefano Zanellato

©Fotograf Marco Zanta