LED linear luminaires in the foyer

LED light lines from Barthelme in the foyer

First impressions are significantly shaped in the foyer of a building. In addition to its architecture, furnishings and acoustics, lighting in particular plays an important role. In the newly designed entrance area of the REISS Büromöbel company, LED linear luminaires from Barthelme create a bright atmosphere and also combine the company's tradition with its recipe for success.

The company REISS Büromöbel from Bad Liebenwerda was established as early as 1882 and has since then repeatedly produced outstanding innovations. A true pioneer with solutions relating to the office. The most famous product of the company is undoubtedly the world-famous "REISS board", which was launched in 1921 as a carriage-type drafting machine called "Phoenix". At the same time, REISS Büromöbel industrially produced the first ergonomic workstations. In addition, the pioneers from Brandenburg recognized the increasing demand for leveling rods, angle prisms, rulers and yardsticks through to light tracing machines and plotters. With an inventive spirit and free thinking, the company has continued to evolve with innovative office solutions.

LED light lines illuminate the foyer of the company REISS Büromöbel GmbH

For the lighting design in the entrance area, the freelance architects and interior designers Katrin Köstler and Horst Placek from Architektur & Design were inspired by the historical surveyor's rods on display in the foyer. The idea was born to use linear luminaires in different lengths for this area. The directionally differentiated luminaires, arranged in varying directions and angles, resemble a Mikado structure, symbolizing the free thoughts and ideas of the company.

LED light lines from Barthelme in the foyer

For this project, linear luminaires were designed using the round aluminum profile Pino HP. The lengths of the resulting linear luminaires and their orientation were freely chosen. Barthelme LEDlight flex 08 8 HIGH EFFICIENCY Pro LED strips with a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin serve as the light source. These achieve a luminous flux of 6,148 lm/m with an efficiency of 129 lm/W. They are therefore ideal for illuminating a foyer in a bright and friendly way and achieving the illuminance of at least 100 lux specified in DIN EN 12464-1 for entrance halls.


Client REISS Büromöbel GmbH Architecture + lighting design Köstler & Placek Technical implementation Elektro Zentrum Großenhain EZG eG ©Photographer Martin Sprössig