Underlit seating areas create pleasant ambience

Underlit seating with LED linear luminaires

Following an urban development concept, Bad Neustadt an der Saale has created an attractive link between the old town and a secondary center with new retail outlets. On this new axis through the city, seating benches offer high-quality opportunities for lingering, which are underlit with warm white light when darkness falls. Customized linear luminaires from Barthelme with IP 67 protection are used for the underlighting.

LED linear luminaires fixed under a bench

The form of the fully encapsulated linear luminaires is determined by the LED profiles BARdolino high and BARdolino flat. These were custom-made to length so that the benches are accentuated homogeneously and shadow-free. The anodized aluminium LED profiles provide robust protection for the LED technology and dissipate the generated heat very effectively, which has a positive effect on the operating lifetime of the luminaires.

Illuminated benches in Bad Neustadt an der Saale

LED strips of the LEDlight flex 12 8p HIGH EFFICIENCY in series are installed as light source in the luminaires. The power input of these LED strips is realized via a PG screw connection on the rear side through the aluminium profile. Depending on the cable length, these LED strips can be operated up to a length of 12 meters with only one feed. The cables of the individual luminaires are routed together centrally at each bench via tubing in the concrete base. With appropriate cable sleeves and underground cables with a cable cross-section of 2.5 mm2, the lines are then routed to a distributor, some of which are located 25 m away, where the power supply units are housed.

Man on an underlit bench

The new installation, which covers a total area of 850 m2, highlights the importance of the secondary center with its numerous outlets for visitors and residents and enhances the overall attractiveness of the townscape. The homogeneous accent lighting of the benches creates a pleasant ambience when darkness falls, provides orientation for passers-by and conveys a sense of security.

Underlit bench in front of a bridge

Customized linear luminaires from Barthelme are also used in the town hall in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, which won the German Design Award 2018. Read more »