Customized lighting system for bicycle parking facility

Customized lighting system for bicycle parking facility

A dream for every cyclist has been created at Nuremberg's main train station: A secure bicycle parking facility! The building is an important initiative by the city of Nuremberg on the subject of "sustainable urban development" and at the same time a landmark on the path to a more bicycle-friendly city. With its single- and double-deck parking system, the "Fahrradspeicher" offers space for more than 400 bicycles. In addition, lockable charging stations for e-bikes, storage lockers and a pumping station with tools for minor repairs are integrated into the structure.

The fundamental framework was developed as a modular steel structure. The superimposition of differently inclined elements creates a changing pattern, the nature and strength of which depends on the viewer's point of view. To achieve this, the architects of SRAP explored the theme of movement and sensory perception in the design.

Attention was furthermore paid to good light penetration, clear lines of sight and accessibility, thus avoiding the creation of anxiety-causing spaces in the building. This is also ensured by the illumination of the bicycle storage. The fully encapsulated linear luminaires from Barthelme used were custom manufactured for this project in lengths of 111 cm, 201 cm and 264 cm. They achieve a protection class of IP 67 and protect the installed lighting technology both optimally and durably against moisture.

Leuchtensystem in Fahrradparkhaus am Hauptbahnhof Nürnberg

Due to the size of the structure with its impressive length of 110 meters, LED strips from Barthelme of the LEDlight flex 48 V series were installed in the aluminum profiles. This is because with the 48 V technology, one achieves up to 2.6 times the feed length compared to the 24 V technology. As a result, the number of feed points can be reduced even for long light lines or infeed wiring, which led to savings in additional labor and material costs with this project. The lighting control system also contributes to savings during operation of the lighting system. If there is no movement in the bike storage area, the lighting is dimmed to approximately 50% of the total output. As soon as a cyclist enters the parking garage, his direction of movement is detected by KNX presence detectors. The motion signal is then passed on to the CHROMOFLEX Dali LED controller, which seamlessly increases the brightness of the lighting system to full output. And only there where it is needed.

Project data

Client City of Nuremberg Architect SRAP Sedlak Rissland Architekten Partnerschaft GmbB, Nürnberg Planning Parties Tragraum Ingenieure (Statik), IB Stahl GmbH, Oberasbach (HLSE) Electrical work E.Engelhardt GmbH & Co. KG, Nürnberg

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